After living all my life in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, I decided to move to a beautiful little town called San Miguel de Allende. I live in a very small community that is practically in the semi-desert, that's where I have my photography and painting studio. I love the silence and peace that this place gives me.

I love long walks in the desert, the silence, the sounds of the wind and insects, a long talk with Don Ciriaco, taking a ride on my motorcycle without any plan, and a thousand beautiful things that life gives us...

My kids helped me see the world from a new & exciting perspective.

I’m a father to three wonderful children. Before they came into my life,

I never knew love could be so infinite. Each hug, each kiss,

each caress and each look were the greatest things I could ever feel.

In addition to living every second of my life fully, from that moment on,

I decided to capture & treasure each memory.

I did not want to forget a single moment that I was spending with them

and that is why I chose to save them forever through photography.